The Spíritree offers a poetic life-from-death metaphor as a celebration of the loved one’s memory, transforming the funeral rite from one of sadness into one of hope, all while promoting environmental restoration and awareness.


The Spíritree is the only product in the market that connects the funeral tradition of commemoration with land preservation. The Spíritree is also the only funerary product that, when used as indicated, The Spíritree will arrest CO2 indefinitely, thus having a truly negative carbon footprint.


Planting a Spiritree is a meaningful way of recognizing the deceased with a living, growing memorial. The ceremonial planting is a remembrance of the past and a renewal of life that restores the environment for years to come.


The Spíritree is a biodegradable urn that transforms into a living memorial in the form of a tree

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Length: 38cm / 15in

Width: 30cm / 12in

Height: 15cm / 6in

Weight: 3.2kg / 7lbs